For over a decade now, Ann Arbor's Ghostly International has been the gold standard in ethereal, beat-driven electronica.

Michigan-based boundary-pushers like the poppy Matthew Dear, the hypnotic Deastro and the rap-steeped Dabrye have become the label's bread and butter, but Ghostly frequently looks to area farther flung for inspiration, and it makes sense that it'd find kin here in L.A.

The pending two-disc set Horizon Line / Ghostly By Night (physical release May 4, out now digitally) ropes in a glut of talented artists to celebrate both the label's past and future.

Reveling in the former is our very own Madlib, who remixes a classic Dabrye track featuring wily word-twister MF DOOM. This edit of “Air” is featured on disc one (cover pictured above) which compiles remixes and cover versions of former Ghostly releases.

Disc two wrangles a handful of tracks that offer a glimpse at what's to come — essentially a label sampler, but, well, great label = great sampler.

DOWNLOAD: Dabrye feat. DOOM – “Air” (Madlib Remix) [MP3]

This next one isn't exclusive to us, but if you don't already know about it, time to get hipped. Pale Sketcher is the electronic production alias of Jesu/Godflesh main brain Justin K. Broadrick. Yes, that's right, a bona fide metal maestro, recording for Ghostly.

DOWNLOAD: Pale Sketcher – “Plans That Fade” (Faded Dub) [MP3]

Ghostly Intl, 'Ghostly By Night'

Ghostly Intl, 'Ghostly By Night'

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