Ras G may call L.A. home, but the man clearly hails from a land even stranger than our fair city.

The self-described “brotha from anotha planet” deals in thick analog textures, dubby digital drums, chiming organic percussion and warped synthetic melodies — not to mention the odd vocal sample and found sound thrown in here and there for good measure.

Though Ras has come to be affiliated with L.A. beat scene staples like Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer, his sound is a far more ethereal thing — take the soulful productions of SA-RA Creative Partners (Erykah Badu, Bilal) and smash them into a thousand echoing shards, and you might get an idea of this man's inspired approach.

Ras G, founder of Pasadena-based label Poo-Bah Records, has been active in the L.A. underground since the early '90s, and it's fair to say that the cassette release he's just recorded for Leaving Records is among his most freewheeling work to date.

El-Aylien Part 1 is “a cosmic exhibit in sonic explorations of collage and rhythm” set to be released digitally and on tape April 27. The EP is best listened to in full, but we're pleased to share this standalone track, “Discipline09-3.”

DOWNLOAD: Ras G – “Discipline09-3” [MP3]

The aMAZE-ing album art below comes courtesy of artist Kristian Henson, who's done work with Stones Throw among others.

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