The Sunset Strip is known for its history of metal bands, strippers, crazy clubs, and cocaine. This year the Sunset Strip Music Festival gives you one of those four things (Well, I guess it depends how hard you look). The line-up was announced earlier today and although there's some “could have seen that coming” bands, there are also some surprises.

Headlining this years festival is none other than Los Angeles's own Motley Crue. The band will headline on the very street they started gigging on. It's something of a sentimental homecoming for the Crue–aw?

Most of the bands follow suit, like hair metal JV squad members Escape The Fate and Black Veil Brides, but there are some curveballs in the line-up too.

Matt and Kim will be there in full-force. Their brand of happy-go-lucky-fun-time drum-and-keys music (and yes, that's exactly what it is) will be a vacation from all of the other more aggressive acts. To keep the good vibes going Cobra Starship is also on the bill. Their neon-wearing fans are going to be easy to spot amid the tons of black-clad metal types.

It also seems like every year there must be a random rap act at the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Interestingly enough, this year they got someone less random and more … completely legendary. Public Enemy will perform along side all the rock groups. (One could only hope that Anthrax will show up to play “Bring The Noise,” correct?)

Last but not least, another big name on the bill this year is Bush. For those who did not grow up in the '90s and/or are not a teenage girl, you probably know them as “that guy Gwen Stefani married has a band?”

Get tickets here and don't miss out on one of the best and most Hollywood of Hollywood experiences.

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