You won't find plastic bins, brown bags or old candy in what Sugarfina owners call their “luxury candy boutique.” Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick dreamed of a candy store for grownups in an inviting environment, which “would be exactly what my house would look like if I didn't live with a guy,” O'Neill quips. Here, “There is no scooping candies with a shovel and stuffing them into a plastic bag. Sugarfina had to be pristine, and the packaging perfect.” The marrieds scout candies globally, meeting manufacturers and old-world candymakers. Maker's Mark bourbon contacted them about their interest in adding bourbon. The result: a maple bourbon caramel. Another idea yielded fizzy gummy bears. Here, in this light, white, blue-accented space, customer faves include Kir Royale cordials, Aphrodite kumquats, single-malt scotch cordials, Danish mocha beans and dark chocolate pomegranate seeds. Make use of the Candy Concierge to create perfect gifts. Or design a box in which to propose: Place your intended's bauble inside!

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