What's the most popular soccer team in the United States? The New York Times says it's El Tricolor a.k.a. the Mexican national squad. Huh? In the land of Palin-favorin' soccer moms? Guess so. And the paper says more women are attending team Mexico events in the U.S., too.

A breakthrough moment for the team came in March right here in Los Angeles County when it played New Zealand to a Rose Bowl crowd of … 90,000. On a Wednesday night. This spring the soccer squad has been booked at venues outside of the Latino heavy cities of L.A., Dallas and New York, too.

“It's a nation within a nation,” Doug Logan, a former Major League Soccer commissioner, told the Times of the team's followers. “The crowd is more affluent now and the normal tipoff is that there are more women. When it becomes more affluent, it is safer for them to come.”

U.S. sponsors include Home Depot, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Wrigley, and Allstate insurance.

The big question is, as the team fans out across America, will it play in Arizona?

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