L.A.-based, five-person act Moses Campbell makes the kind of ferociously unfiltered, happily raucous punk-pop that always seems to spill out from the strangest places. These are songs for and from the outsiders, the home-aloners and the people about to hit the RECORD button late at night in their bedrooms. Of course, founder Sean Solomon started this whole thing by recording in his bedroom. Although Moses Campbell are now an unstoppable rock-with-violin monster — recent tracks come off like a maniacal mix of Meat Puppets and The Urinals, with legendary lyrics like, “She has a mind — don't mess with it!” — there's still a unique and unpredictable electricity just crackling all over them. There's also a new album coming soon, and I'm ready for it to shock me back into life.

Tue., July 2, 8 p.m., 2013

LA Weekly