• Mothers Against Drunk Deputies? L.A. County's Office of Independent Review has issued a report raising warnings about a growing culture of alcoholism in the Sheriff's Department. L.A. Times

  • Pathogens? What Pathogens? USC's student affairs veep announced that an alarm about airborne viruses on campus was a joke — “the work of Skull and Dagger, a university honor society, that annually creates a prank on campus.” L.A. Observed, Daily Trojan

  • Realty Check L.A. County home sales in March were up more than 40 percent over 2008. The bad news? Median prices fell by 31.8percent. L.A. Daily News

  • The Passion of the Mel A British tabloid reports the source of religious actor-director Mel Gibson's split with his wife of 28 years is a busty blonde less than half his age. Sun U.K.

  • Numero Uno Case Jurors have gotten the federal case against L.A. supermarket magnate George Torres, the owner of Numero Uno stores who is accused of racketeering and ordering murders. Despite a large number of government charges, the prosecution's case has been rebuked by several decisions made against it by Judge Stephen V. Wilson. L.A. Times

  • Pedestrian Victory It's a cellar market for the San Francisco Giants, who fell to last place in the NL Western Division after Wednesday's 5-4 loss to the Dodgers. The Dodger victory came in the ninth inning when Giant pitcher Brian Wilson walked James Loney with the bases loaded. 

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