More news you definitely cannot use but need to read:

–Tapatio-flavored Fritos debuting in 2 weeks! [Stick A Fork In It]

–Bill Buford's Heat, about his year as Mario Batali's kitchen slave, got a film deal. [DHD]

–Tap rooms, bars, lives bands — the grocery store is the hot new hangout. [Dispatch]

–Taco Madness — the official taco bracket is back. [LAist]

–When being a meat lover goes too far. The freakiest NYC sublet story ever. [Refinery 29]

–Ach du lieber! German bars invade LA. [LA Times]

–You're too old to sell the jiggle, so sell the Jell-O: celeb cookbooks. [HuffPo]

–Ancient Japanese diet foods made from seaweed and yams. [Zester Daily]

–Chef David Burke serves smoked tuna & watercress — at 35,000 feet. [NYT]

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