Happy humpday. Enjoy your morning dose of daffy food news.

–Hunting LA's best roast chicken, from Costco to Melisse. [Exile Kiss]

–U.S. bans some food from Japan over radiation fears: dairy, fruit, veg. [WSJ]‎

–Break out the skinny jeans. Yelp adds “hipster” as an ambiance descriptor. [NY Post]

–Seattle writer takes United Way Hunger Challenge, living on $7/day. [Al Dente]

–Why is NATO so upset about proposed calorie counts on movie food? [LA Times]

–With an average per-person check of $99, it's no wonder Morton's is losing money. [Bloomberg]

–Domo arigato, Mr. Robata. It's about time! [NY Times]

–Is Sarah Palin's “lifetime of hunting and fishing” a lie? [Politics USA]

–Man throws $100 in singles at Starbucks customers to “bless them.” [MyFOX Boston]

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