More Whisky for D’Molls: As we wrote in our preview to this show last week, “Not every hair band rose to the heights of Motley Crue, or Poison, or even Warrant. But some of the others managed to earn a reputation for putting on a great show and D’Molls were one of them.”

That was spot on, but on Friday night it appeared that the Whisky faithful has largely forgotten about D’Molls. As we were told from the stage, the last time this band performed in this venue, they were on a bill with Guns N’ Roses back in the ’80s. They were hoping for a triumphant return, but the sparse crowd stunted that somewhat. Bit of a shame.

And yet the band was excellent. Like, stunningly good when set side-by-side with some of the other reformed ’80s rockers that still strut their stuff on the Strip. Naturally, all eyes are in frontman Desi Rexx, a consummate frontman and entertainer in the Dave Lee Roth/Sebastian Bach vein. But the group of musicians that he’s assembled to fill out this latest incarnation of the band (sometimes billed as D’Molls 777) sound powerful and authentic, and look like they’re having a blast.

To his immense credit, Rexx doesn’t let the lack of numbers in front of him affect the performance. On the contrary, he kicks off the fiery gusto and never lets up. He teases the crowd, as well as his fellow band members, he throws out anecdotes, and he never stops smiling (even when he has microphone issues).

The set is spot-on too; we get old faves such as “Turn it Up Louder,” “D’Stroll,” and of course, “777.” And their awesome cover of “Crimson & Clover” too.

D’Molls 2022 might not be the most fashionable of beasts but they put on one hell of a show on Sunset. It’s just a shame more people weren’t there to see it.

(Brett Callwood)

(Brett Callwood)

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