Good thing you got Coachella and all its bikini-clad madness out of your system, because May is being gloomier than a cold day at the beach in June.

In this mad world of Southern California weather, with a historic drought upon us and summerlike weather in winter, we're in for a second storm this month.

You could be getting wet as soon as midnight tonight, forecasters say.

It will start with drizzle and then hit again with a 70 percent chance of rain Thursday afternoon, says National Weather Service weather specialist Stuart Seto.

The culprit is a low-pressure storm from the Pacific Northwest coast, he said.

It could bring more showers and even thunderstorms Thursday night into Friday morning, Seto said. “The chances of rain,” he said, “look good.”

This storm could have it all — lightning, brief downpours, gusty winds, even “small” hail, according to Seto.

Yes, the mountain resorts could even see snow, he said. 

“The system will vamoose late Friday into early Saturday,” he said.

Expect lower-than-normal temperatures, in the mid to upper 60s during the day and in the low to mid 50s overnight, Seto said.

The storm's exit will not be followed by a warm-up, and the door could remain open for more weather next week, he suggested.

Credit: NWS

Credit: NWS

These Pacific systems are relatively cool for this time of year, Seto said. “It's unsual to get a cold storm like the last one,” he added.

Whether or not we break any rain records for May remained to be seen, he said. 

We could get a quarter- to a half-inch of rain in the L.A. basin Thursday and Friday, the forecaster said.

“This one has a lot of moisture,” Seto said, “which is unusual for this time of year.”

The drought, which has so far more crucially affected Northern California, seems unbreakable at this point in the season. But you can still enjoy the unusually wet weather.

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