There's a lot more to beer than keg parties. From beer float competitions (congrats to winners Golden State and Scoops, BTW) to growing beer lists and tasting events, the beer movement keeps expanding–and getting organized.

Akasha in Culver City is adding a monthly beer dinner to the restaurant's schedule. Tomorrow's dinner on Tuesday, July 28 at 7:30 p.m. features Unibroue, a Quebec-based brewer that looks to Belgium for inspiration and technique. The menu features a microbrew enhanced aged goat cheese, Niman bacon-wrapped scallop with Flora Bella's early season apple and onion chutney and caramelized beer gastrique, duck confit with grilled nectarines and lolla rossa, beer braised pepper crusted short ribs, and dark chocolate chip ice cream sundae. ($55 per person, exclusive of gratuity & tax.)



“To cook with beer adds such a richness and depth to a dish,” chef-owner Akasha Richmond says. “We work hard to put interesting craft beers on our menu, and we thought this dinner series would be a great way to draw a connection between the craft breweries making a quality artisanal product and the small and local farms that inspire our menu.”

Each course is paired with a sample of Unibroue's handiwork, including Blanche De Chambly White Ale, Éphémère Apple Ale, and Chambly Noire Black Ale. Granted Quebec doesn't qualify as local compared to the other ingredients Richmond often sources, but maybe that criterion will be on tap for a future beer menu.

Akasha: 9543 Culver Blvd., Culver City, (310) 845-1700.

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