The campaign to rid Venice of folks who live their RVs was kicked up a notch this week as another case of sewage dumping by an RV dweller was reported on the same day that anti-“mobile homeless” activists were pressing the city to crack down on campers with disabled placards who park where they please.

What does it mean for you? Honestly, unless you live in Venice, not much. But the battle could affect you if the anti-RV people are successful in pushing the rigs out of the beach community. Because they'll have to go somewhere, and they could end up on your doorstep — along with their poop.

Ultimately the only solution what seems to be Venice's growing mobile homeless problem is to find the campers permanent homes. That's something Westside city Councilman Bill Rosendahl has announced will happen under his “Streets to Homes” program.

In the meantime Yo! Venice! reported Wednesday afternoon that another RV operator had been caught dumping sewage onto the street, the fifth such incident by its count. The dumping, which brought out a hazardous-materials team, was reported on Windward Avenue near Pacific Avenue — just a block or so from the beach — according to the site.

Activists have pointed to the dumping as key reason that the city should approve stricter parking restrictions that would ultimately push the RVs out.

On Wednesday afternoon the RV opponents released a barrage of emails to city officials this week asking them not to exempt rigs with disability placards from parking restrictions that could be moving forward next month.

As any trip to Venice will attest, many of those living in their rigs have disabled parking permits, which allow them to park almost anywhere on the street (save for red zones, in driveways and near hydrants).

The City Council is expected to give final approval to a plan that would ban “oversize vehicles” from blocks where two-thirds of residents signed up for the deal.

But vehicles of any size that have disabled parking permits are exempt from the restrictions. In fact, that's why some activists and the city have pushed for “overnight parking districts” in Venice that would ban all vehicles except those with residential parking permits.

The city is suing the California Coastal Commission over its rejection of the overnight parking zones.

In the meantime, Special Assistant City Attorney Jane Usher says its a little disingenuous of RV opponents to pressure her office to enforce oversize parking restrictions even when it comes to disabled-permit vehicles.

She tells LA Weekly community leaders knew from “git-go” that if overnight, permit parking didn't pass, those with disabled placards would be able to stay put, even under oversize-vehicle restrictions.

“But for this issue there would not have been the desire on the part of the city or the residents for overnight parking districts,” Usher said.

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