Ghettogloss pretty much understands what's going on in the subconscious depths of an urban-dwelling 21st century human when it's 100 degrees outside. It's this:

(Photo by: Magda Wosinska Model:Jenny Mollen)

Or something like the above. They also sent the best press release of the week, beating the 6 pm cut-off by mere seconds:

Saturday afternoon, you are hung over with nothing to do.

You feel like being creative but it is too hot in the house to do shit.

You think–Wouldn't it be rad to sit in the shade, hang with your homies,

drink an ice-cold Bloody Mary, and do some life drawing…

And then you think– Wouldn't it be even radder if you had some hot models

in couture lingerie with ape masks on to model for you.

And then you think–OMG, it could even get better if Shana Dambrot (editor from Flavorpill) chose your sketch to go in the October drawing show at Ghettogloss….

The phone rings and it's your friend from Cal Arts inviting you to join the Ghettogloss girls at this thing downtown they like to call the Bronx Zoo.

and you think to yourself………..

Holy shit, I love L.A.

Details after the jump – and info about their new show opening tomorrow

Ghettogloss presents:

Join Ghettogloss for The Bronx Zoo every Saturday afternoon at La Cita from 2P-8P all summer long starting June 28, 2008. $5 cover at the door and drink specials inside.

Every hour, on the hour there will be an APE ESCAPE where 4-7 bilkini-clad girls in gorilla masks will be released to pose for quick figure drawing sketches.

Come over for cocktails, figure drawing, and couture on the back patio at La Cita. Please enter through back entrance.

Bring your own drawing stuff, paper, clipboard, pencils, charcoal, etc.


So yeah, the thing above isn't until next week. This week the art Directors Guild is presenting a show of small work. These are the people who create the sets, the art, the feel of commercials, movies and TV shows you watch all the time – except doing their own thing.

Check it out if you can: Saturday night, 2380 Glendale Blvd. in Silver Lake.

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