Mariscos Chente opened just about a year ago, and quickly after the first glowing report leaked out, writers and patrons alike began heaping praise on this casual, Sinaloa-style seafood restaurant. But if you had a hard time deciding what to order before, that task just got a little more difficult.

Late last week, chef Sergio Penuelas began debuting some new winter menu items and now (hopefully with a little cold winter air) you can sidle up to four new soups: fish, shrimp, mixto and shrimp albondigas (meatball). In addition to the soups, they've also added a trio of Sinaloa-style tacos. Once again, there are shrimp and fish varieties, but also, the taco al gobernador. Sadly (or perhaps happily) the taco is not named after our own Governator, but instead, a Mazatlan-raised former governor of Sinaloa. As with many of the items at Mariscos Chente, they are subject to availability, as most of the seafood is driven up from Sinaloa.

Mariscos Chente, 4532 South Centinela Avenue, L.A., (310) 390-9241‎.

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