More Gems More Wins: Bryan “Richey” Adams Inspires With Fashion Success

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Image Credit: Trokon George

For individuals gifted with diverse talents, starting a career in any field can pose significant challenges, particularly in industries that fully leverage their many abilities. Of all the creative industries one could reach for, the fashion industry is one of the more competitive, filled with technicalities that can track the unfamiliar and competitors who know loopholes and tricks that a fresh creator could never imagine. It was in this challenging industry that Bryan “Richey” Adams stepped in as a newcomer, with only his creative energy and desire for success to work with.

The success of his brand, More Gems More Wins, is inspirational for that reason. He succeeded as a newcomer, overcoming many challenges he couldn’t have foreseen. It gives hope to other creatives considering work in vast, complicated fields.

Beginning is its Own Challenge

Bryan struggled to find his way in 2019. “I felt like everything I did,” he says, “from sports, modeling, videography, photography, and even my degree, was for nothing. I knew I needed a spark in my life.” He didn’t know what that spark would be, so he began listening to motivational speeches and following the creative content of people he admired—Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hussle, Virgil Abloh—looking for inspiration and motivation. He noticed these people all had something in common: “They were all unapologetically themselves, loved and hated for it all at the same time.”

Gems and Diamonds are created by extreme heat and pressure. Richey says, “I believe that every individual is a ‘diamond in the rough.’ The heat and pressure of life and society get you to the wins in life. Those wins are categorized by the individual no matter how big or small!”

Making a Place in the Fashion Industry

Bryan didn’t have a mentor in the fashion world. He came at it from the outside. “A lot of money is spent on mistakes,” he says. “I learned to slow down and be very detail-oriented to not compromise the vision.” He also had to find a way to set himself apart from other brands in the competitive space, though he could turn to his own life and creativity to meet this challenge. “In a time where everyone is scrolling on social media platforms and using other creatives for inspo, I use my world travel and nostalgic moments from those time periods to tell the story of the pieces I create.”

Thanks to Bryan’s unique creative vision and meticulous approach to design and business practices, More Gems More Wins has come a long way. The brand has collaborated with Adidas and More Gems More Wins is worn by athletes like Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics, Ameer Abdullah of the Las Vegas Raiders, and Marcus Williams of the Baltimore Ravens.

A Future in Athletics, High Fashion, and Community

Bryan is developing More Gems More Wins in three arenas. One is the athletic wear that it is already known for. Another is high fashion, which includes designer bags. The last is grounded in graphic tees and box collections, the kind of casual wear that builds a community.

Bryan “Richey” Adams has aspirations, and with careful planning and design, everything is within reach as long as he continues unapologetically himself. “There is only ONE YOU,” Bryan has learned, “And your unique perspective can change the world if you lean into self without compromise.”

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