Ordinarily announcing a SoCal date for Aphex Twin would be pretty damn cool. In fact, I was just wondering recently if the guy was ever going to come out of his shell, or if he was going to get all Chinese Democracy on us.

In fairness, Aphex Twin hasn't been exactly unproductive since his last proper album, Drukqs in 2001. But even then some people were wondering if that one was a bit of a put-on, a clearing out of the old hard-drive of experiments that didn't really work out. (It's worth a re-listen or two now, and probably holds up better than a couple of his earlier albums.)

There was also Aphex Twin's intensely odd Analords project (a batch of ten 10″ vinyl singles). The cream of those tracks came out as Chosen Lords in 2006, but seemed to appeal mostly to historians of late 80s techno-acid (all six or seven of them) rather than the masses of people who really dug the video for Windowlicker or Come to Daddy. And can we just be reminded a little bit of that brilliance for a second?

So anyway: Aphex Twin is playing Coachella.

And though scattered Radiohead shows are popping up in other fine cities like St. Louis and Charlotte, NC, we're still gettin' the high hat, like Casper in Miller's Crossing (too obscure?)

Also added: Goldfrapp, Serj Tankian, Kate Nash and Redd Kross, all of which decreases the disappointment level with this year's line-up a little.

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