Saturday. Saturday! SATURDAY!

Monster trucks will come alive in Dodger Stadium for the first time ever. Ever! EVER!

Will Dodger fans recoil in horror as trucks with 66-inch tall tires bounce over dirt mounds and berms on their beloved baseball diamond? Who cares. Cares! CARES!

Forget tossing a little white ball around. This is American athleticism at it's finest. And it's about time …

… it came to L.A. proper.

If it rains this will be a mud bowl worthy of wrestling's best moments.

What took so long? Do organizers think that this Latino-heavy town doesn't like cheap bear, trailer life, and wifebeaters-as-formalwear? We do. Do! DO!

That's right, people, L.A. can go trailer trash with the best of them. We'll be there for the Advance Auto Parts (see now, who fixes their cars right in the parking lot? We do) Monster Jam.

And so will GRAVE DIGGER® and MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION®! (Those are the names of monster trucks).

And while the show starts at 7 p.m. Saturday, you can get on down to the the Pit Party at 2 p.m. if you're a Total Access Pass holder.

Can't wait. Now if they'd only put some lowered '64 Impalas in that dirt you'd have a show custom tailored for the L.A. demographic.

Orale. Orale! ORALE!

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