There’s no denying moms love weed and we’ve got a lineup that is sure to help her with liftoff come Mother’s Day this Sunday.

You’re going to have a lot of cannabis-themed Mother’s Day lists coming at you in the next 72 hours. But this list is geared for L.A. moms. The moms that puff tough. The moms who didn’t understand why somebody wrote a THC milligram limit for edibles into Prop 64. Basically the baddest bitches on the planet.  

So here is a list that is heat-worthy of these queens and their high tolerances!

Puffco Cupsy

Copy of Cupsey Front

Photos courtesy of Puffco

Copy of Cupsey Top Open Herb

Puffco is at it again. When it isn’t innovating how we take dabs with electricity, it’s figuring out how to make bong rips more stealthy in seemingly rotating development cycles. The Cupsy nails the latter. The coffee cup-impersonating bong is the perfect road warrior. Now we’re not recommending anyone smoke and drive, but a bong rip in the parking lot before a movie never killed anyone for sure. You can just leave the Cupsy in the cup holder and walk in. And while it’s discreet, it’s set up in a manner that your mom won’t accidentally drink bongwater if she gets too ripped and forgets it’s not her coffee!

Aunty Aloha Gummies

Auntie Aloha

Photo: Jimi Devine

Your mom wants you to take her to Hawaii?! Brutal. Aunty Aloha’s edibles are a much more affordable way to give her some stoney island vibes. And they’ve proven themselves above the pack. Just a few weeks ago they took home the top prize for edibles at L.A. Weekly’s Coachella Desert Smoke-off 2. The judges noted that the obvious combination of flavor and impact was what put them at the top of the podium. While not the plane ticket she’s hoping for, at the very least mom will get a nice buzz.

Fig Farms – Gelato 41

220207 FigFarms G41 9

Courtesy of Fig Farms

This Oakland-grown rendition of the legendary Gelato phenotype ranks among the greatest ever. It’s so good that it’s the first phenotype Fig Farms has ever packaged that it didn’t find from seed in-house; it was a big debate for them, but we’re glad they decided to pull the trigger. Why? Because it’s magical heat worthy of being alongside their other famous phenos. Many rank at the very top of California’s recreational marketplace. The handful of producers that can actually compete with the quality trap weed on the streets need to be given credit despite going through the hurdles of METRC’s track and trace program deserves a lot of credit. In addition to all this, it was grown by a mom! And she’s got another one on the way!

710 Percy Pods

IMG 20220505 110621 379

Courtesy of 710 Labs

Few companies in the cannabis space have built the following 710 Labs has over the years. The new persy pod line only makes it more accessible than ever to moms all over California. While we’re fans of the general 710 lineup, the pods might be the thing that holds itself at the highest echelons of the game. 

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