Modern Monsters’ Explosive EP “Malice” Revolutionizes Hard Rock with Emotional Depth and Sonic Grit

In a time when mainstream music often feels superficial and uninspired, Bay Area-based hard rock band Modern Monsters emerges as a breath of fresh air. Their upcoming EP “Malice,” set for release on March 24th across streaming platforms, positions the quintet to substantially impact the hard rock landscape. By blending the anthemic melodies and lyrical mischief of their influences—Faith No More, Alice in Chains, and AFI—Modern Monsters have crafted a distinct and punchy signature sound that will leave a lasting impression.

A standout track on “Malice” is their spirited rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic classic, “White Rabbit.” Infusing the song with a healthy dose of punk attitude and militant energy, the band transforms it into a fiery anthem that showcases their capacity to scorch the earth with their sound. Modern Monsters excel at this kind of music—simultaneously lively and deadly serious, with a desire to disrupt the status quo.

The EP’s overarching theme concerns the band’s continued frustration with contemporary issues. “Malice” addresses disdain for societal ills, unchecked power structures, two-tiered justice systems, and the distractions that hinder self-reflection. Modern Monsters, therefore, encourage listeners to forge a personalized connection with these malevolent viewpoints with this release.

Listeners can already stream the lead single, “Road to Nowhere”, and pre-save the EP on streaming platforms. Modern Monsters will also hit the road to showcase their explosive energy live on tour.

The band consists of Josh Weaver on vocals, Rich Wells and Wyatt Lennon on guitars, Brody Bass on bass, and Keenan Tuohy on drums. “Malice” is independently produced by Michael Rosen, and its tracklist includes “March 3rd, ’91,” “Prism,” “Road to Nowhere,” “White Rabbit,” and “Greed Machine.” The group has drawn comparisons to Rage Against the Machine and AFI, both for their sound and commitment to challenging societal norms.

Critics have praised Modern Monsters for their electrifying sound, with a certain writer describing it as “rocket fuel in several passages.” Others have noted the band’s “phenomenal musicianship” and how their music combines heavy-metal riffs with soaring vocals. Dan MacIntosh of antiMusic encapsulates the sentiment: “Society has created these monsters, and Modern Monsters wants us to attack these plagues on our culture with righteous anger and enthusiasm.”

Fans can connect with Modern Monsters on various platforms, including their official website, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube Channel. For additional information and inquiries, contact the band at [email protected].

Formed in 2019, Modern Monsters are on a mission to revive the spirit of hard rock with raw energy and unbridled passion. Drummer Keenan Tuohy’s thunderous performance, bassist Brody Bass’s immense presence, guitarists Wyatt Lennon and Rich Wells’s fierce riffs, and vocalist Josh Weaver’s poignant lyrics merge to form a potent sonic force. If you’re seeking a performance with more depth and grit to counter the bland, monotonous mainstream music scene, don’t miss out on Modern Monsters’ “Malice.” This game-changing release is set to ignite the hard rock world.

Visit their official website at and prepare to experience the explosive sounds of “Malice” here on Spotify.

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