Tonight Mochilla and VTech are giving away free tickets to see Brazilian guitar master and composer Arthur Verocai live with a 12 piece ensemble on Friday, June 18th. The good folks at Mochilla have the details: “The sign-up page will go live tonight at midnight and will come down 24 hours later. There are only 200 pairs of tickets available so we're holding lottery drawings. So sign up with a valid email address (one per person) and you could be one of the lucky 200. There will be a very special after-party (with amazing surprise guests), but more on that later.” Verocai came to L.A. last year and Mochilla chronicled the fantastic event in their concert film/DVD Timeless: Arthur Verocai. They will be screening the film on June 16th and 17th at the Downtown Independent, and Verocai is scheduled to stop by for a Q & A. If for some reason you live in a cave (where there's apparently internet access…), or you love Brazilian jams, yet fear humans (bigfoot, I'm looking at you), then just station yourself in front your transistor radio for Verocai's KCRW performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic on June 17th at 11:15am.

This is a rare opportunity to experience Verocai in America, you won't want to miss it.

After the jump, watch Verocai at work.

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