Moby Hosts a Vaudeville Benefit for the Brookledge Follies

MobyMoby, who graciously set up the event and gave a moving speech about his love for quirky L.A. institution the Brookledge Follies. Behind him, Billy the Mime—“worst backup singer ever,” quipped Erika Larsen.)

Last Friday night, electronic music superstar Moby hosted a very intimate edition of the Brookledge Follies, the legendary Los Angeles secret vaudeville party at the historic home of the Larsen family. Erika Larsen, current president of The Academy of Magic Arts (i.e., the big boss at the Magic Castle) produced the fundraiser to benefit the full restoration of the charming Brookledge theater, the venue where Orson Welles first performed his magic for the Hollywood smart set. Performing at the Brookledge theater, under the musical direction of the brilliant Kristian Hoffman, were local vaudeville powerhouses like Timur and the Dime Museum, Scott Land, Scot Nery, futuristic magician Rudy Coby, Billy the Mime, comedy troupe Two Headed Dog, sublime chanteuse Anne Magnuson, operatic divo Prince Poppycock, and writer and raconteur Jonathan Ames. Rob Zabrecky MCd for a crowd that included artist Mark Ryden and other L.A. tastemakers. All photos by Gustavo Turner.

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