Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fever to Tell (Interscope)
MØ has Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever: Danish singer-songwriter told us about her love for a Yeah Yeah Yeahs classic.


MØ: One of my favourite albums, and possibly my most listened to, is the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Fever To Tell. I picked it up at the local music library when I was a teenager because I thought the cover looked cool, and I knew that the band had a female singer. I was always looking for new women in music – somewhere in between mainstream and alternative – to idolize. I fell in love not just with Karen O’s vocal, energy and way of being a performer, but also Nick Zinner’s guitars and the full spectrum of production and songwriting. There was raw punk energy mixed with tender emotion, hooks, fresh ideas – all of it cut to the core.
My two favourite songs on the album (and songs I reference often) are “Pin” and “No No No”. I think it’s because these both exude a beautiful mix of melancholy and energy, which warms my little Scandinavian heart.
MØ has Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever: MØ’s new album Motordrome is out now. Her immersive performance “The Motordrome Experience” is airing on Moment House on Wednesday March 2 here.

MØ press bio:

“MØ, born Karen Marie Ørsted, is a Danish vocalist, songwriter and producer. She has released two widely acclaimed albums, 2014’s No Mythologies to Follow and 2018’s Forever Neverland, praised for their unique perspective and rich songwriting. She has toured the world over, played every major festival and collaborated with Charli XCX, Jack Antonoff, Cashmere Cat, Noah Cyrus, Major Lazer (on “Lean On,” one of the most successful songs of all time) and a number of others.”

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