Mission PLC On What Every Property Owner Should Do Before Selling

Countless factors go into the process of selling a home or commercial property. It’s a big decision, so taking every safety precaution to ensure it’s seamless is understandable. That’s where Tom and Tim Simmons, founder and manager of Mission Property Loss Consultants, come in. Because every property owner should conduct one thing before selling, and that’s a pre-listing inspection. Read on to learn more.

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Selling a property, whether large or small, is no light task. It requires a thorough understanding of the market and the property in question, not to mention a highly skilled and professional firm to provide reliable inspection services.

Believe it or not, water damage is the most common cause of property damage in the US, accounting for 47% of all losses. But water damage can be hard to detect if you don’t know what to look for. And on top of that, determining the cause is a completely different story. Without guileless professional help, your claim can be misinterpreted or mishandled in the hands of insurance companies.

Enter Mission Property Loss Consultants, the first nationwide on-site inspection and estimating firm serving attorneys, public adjusters, contracting professionals, property investors, and more.  Managed by Tom and Tim Simmons, the firm specializes in comprehensive inspections, solar site surveys, and estimating capital improvements, potential damage from storm losses (hurricanes, hail, wind, floods, and fires), wear and tear, aging, and improper installation so you can focus on what matters most.

“Our team of industry experts are committed to conducting unbiased, accurate, and forensic type investigations for attorneys, contractors, property managers, and public adjusters throughout the country,” states Mission PLC’s website.

The company performs specialized building component analysis for large multi-family and commercial structures and other related services that assist clients with pre-investment, ongoing capital improvement assessment, completed capital improvement assessment evaluation, and access to their nationwide contractor network. Talk about an all-in-one firm.

With combined expertise in construction systems and insurance adjusting, the father-son duo merged their know-how and Mission PLC was born. With a mission-backed purpose for helping people and giving in a way that makes a difference, it’s no wonder the company has skyrocketed with 10x growth in the last six months.

The Simmons care about their clients, a rare find in today’s society. They know how essential it is for you, the property owner, to have the most informed information about your property after a storm rolls through – especially if you’re planning on selling. And as the US housing market remains slightly above average, a reliable property inspection can dictate the value for an accurate listing, disclosing all necessary information.

“There are several firms out there that have the same focus, but they really cater to the insurance companies,” Tom Simmons discusses. And unlike these firms, they strive to serve those affected by loss.

Not to mention the firm has estimated more than $3 billion in damages. And if it happens that the cause of any found damage is storm-related or faulty construction, the firm can deal with tedious insurance claims to get what you deserve. The streamlined process allows clients to focus their time and money savings on the things that matter, like growing their company, real estate investments, or tending to personal life.

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“Claims are not always in everybody’s wheelhouse of expertise,” Tim Simmons shares. But it doesn’t have to be with their help.

“We significantly improve the documentation,” emphasizes Tim Simmons, “so the insurance companies find it easy to notate the damage and see that the estimate is warranted. We give people a better ground and position to present their claim.” And as a residential or commercial owner, there’s no better feeling than knowing your property is covered.

An on-site inspection is beneficial for filing damage claims and lets you disclose all relevant information when selling. Location, economic condition, marketing, and more are a few of the many aspects that go into listing a property. But one of the most prominent factors is property value. With Mission PLC’s help, they can:

  • Conduct professional and expert on-site inspections throughout the US
  • Provide accurate determination of causation and damage
  • Provide solutions to make sure you get what you deserve
  • Assess capital improvements and past repairs

Awareness of the state of your home or commercial property is imperative regardless of whether or not you’re selling. And in the case severe damage is present from no fault of your own, the Simmons can assist in guiding, educating, and providing the right solutions. Because at the end of the day, Mission PLC’s team of professionals stands by to help.

“We are the best in class in the services we offer… Most clients say they stopped using our competition after switching to us. And we only employ the most experienced professionals in the industry,” Tom Simmons highlights. And as a market leader, the company brings a standardized product in what they provide to clients.

Tom and Tim Simmons manage the hard stuff, so you don’t have to. They’re a trusted partner and the right choice to become an extension of your business.

Learn more about Mission Property Loss Consultants’ inspection and estimation service to help you or your clients make informed decisions. And an added bonus? Download Tom and Tim Simmons book, Secrets of InsuranceClaims, for free to gain insight into their professional knowledge.

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