Missing: One large, $4,000 gorilla, 350 pounds, 30 feet tall. No he's not Godzilla King Kong, and he's not about to terrorize Southern California. He's inflatable. And he actually needs air like the rest of us.

According to the Ventura County Star, the gorilla was last seen on Friday, but it wasn't reported missing until Tuesday. Workers at its home atop First Kia in Simi Valley assumed the wind had blown it down temporarily — something that had happened before. But when they went up for a closer look they realized the ape was gone. At this point in the story he's going to need a name. We propose Thrilla.

A used car manager at the dealership, Yehuda Riess, says it would have taken a few people and some coordination to get away with the heist of Thrilla. For one thing, he said, the gorilla was tied down by cables.

“It's not something you can just go up on the roof and steal it,” Riess said. “It would take at least a few people to carry it.”

So, Thrilla, if you're out there, phone home. The folks at First are worried about you. Oh, and there's a $500 reward for your safe return, so come back and keep the cash for yourself. Use it as a down payment on one of Korea's finest …

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