There is little point in debating the legacy of Ghostbusters as one of the great blockbusters of the 1980s. The script is damn near flawless, the performances impeccable, the Elmer Bernstein score, the effects, the slime … all perfection. It seems almost anathema today to take five years to follow up a film that massive, but that's exactly what happened, and to this day the die-hards will debate the virtues of Ghostbusters II till the marshmallow men come home. (Yeah, some of it is half-assed, at best, but some of it is quite good indeed.) Now's your opportunity to grill director Ivan Reitman all about the boys in brown, as he arrives at the Aero for a Ghostbusters double feature and Q&A. Make sure to set aside plenty of time for the inevitable “What the HELL is up with these Ghostbusters III rumors that won't go away” questions, too. Five years' lag time isn't so bad in retrospect, but 20 is playing with fire.

Fri., Sept. 4, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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