Babies are not fashion accessories, but until our cherubs can pick out their own outfits, their clothing will inevitably express their parents' (usually mama’s) tastes. My li'l one was a Rolling Stones fan since she was a newborn. I –uh- she has a penchant for purple and leopard prints too.

The Punk Baby Runway Show at Ritual's Kids Rock Event

Buying your kid too many things that you fancy creates a problem though: the matchy-matchy mommy thing, which can be entirely too precious, especially if the pieces are super trendy and or colorful. After getting one too many comments about our similar getups, I started making a conscious effort not to coordinate with my baby. Kinda like when you’re getting ready for a night on the town, and you call your girlfriend beforehand to make sure you’re not both wearing red sequins or black and white stripes, or god forbid, the exact same dress!

I’m starting to see things differently though, at least when it comes to family fashion, after checking out the exotic designs of We-We Clothing, the new line from local stylist turned designer Folake (Kuye) Huntoon. She showed the vibrant pieces at a runway show at the Kids Rock! shopping event this past weekend at Ritual nightclub, and in the sea of onesies and cutesy powder pink and baby blue mini fashions, the earthy designs for moms and tots definitely stood out.

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We-We's wee ones get ready for the catwalk

We-we, pronounced (weh-weh) which means “little ones” in Yoruba (a language in Nigeria, West Africa, where Huntoon’s from), includes eco-friendly materials imported directly from Nigeria and it manages to be ethnic but universally chic. Check out this adorable photo of Huntoon and her daughter rocking matching dresses to see what I mean.

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If you’re gonna do synchronized ensembles, you at least wanna make sure you don’t look like anyone else and in We-We’s stuff, which Huntoon tells us can be ordered in both kids and grown-up sizes, that’ll definitely be the case.

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Model tantrum at Kids Rock!

The chaotic children’s event (the music was louder than Ritual’s grown-up dance parties!) also showcased my favorite rock n’ roll t-shirt designs Punk Baby, a line which definitely has the most clever appropriations of rock songs/bands/logos out there, probably because they’re conjured up by a real rock chick. I got my tyke a “Sweet Child O’ Mom’s” tank, and ya know what? I think I’ll wear my vintage G n’ R tee when I put it on her! Huuhh!

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