A marijuana delivery from an L.A. dispensary turned deadly this week when four suspects apparently ambushed the pot shop driver and his security guard and tried to rob them.

While we don't want to make light of the situation, we're kind of impressed that a dispensary delivery guy rolls with armored-car like, deadly security. (And this continues to speak volumes about the shady and sometimes murderous nature of medical marijuana in this pot-legal state).

Was it a set up? Cops arent' saying, but here's what they will say happened:

Shortly before 8:15 last night the driver and his armed sidekick went to the Birchwood Village Apartment at 1717 E. Birch Street to deliver some weed and were attacked by four suspects, according to Brea Police statement.

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The Brea PD narrative:

… They were confronted by the suspects who attempted to rob them. One of the suspects approached the delivery vehicle and confronted the driver and a struggle ensued. A second suspect armed with a handgun, approached the security guard, who fired at the suspect hitting him multiple times.

The geniuses suspects were actually fighting with each other as their friend lay dying on the ground when cops arrived, according to Brea police.

The dead man was ID'd as 20-year-old Minh Kinh Dang of Santa Ana. His alleged accomplices: James Yi, 18 of Irvine; Earle Augustus Austin, 19, of Santa Ana; and Hyasung Sim, 20, of Irvine.

Those three were arrested and booked on suspicion not only of robbery but murder because their friend died while they allegedly tried to boost the buddha.

Cops are still looking for witnesses or informants on this, so anyone who can help was asked to call Det. Ruben Alonzo at 714-990-7637.


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