Min Huei Lu: The Revolutionary UX/UI Artist

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In the bustling metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan, a creative spark was kindled. A young Min Huei Lu, captivated by the seamless integration of art and technology, set her sights on a career that would transform her into a revolutionary UX/UI artist. Her journey, a testament to the power of tenacity and innovation, began with a humble position designing user interfaces for parking payment machines at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan.

However, it was this first encounter with UX/UI that whetted Lu’s appetite for digital interactive products. Intent on refining her skills and contributing to the field, she pursued an MFA in Graphic Design at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. Here, she didn’t just specialize in digital product design, she immersed herself in it. Artificial Intelligence in Design, her award-winning thesis, won the prestigious A’Design Award Silver Award and served as a stepping stone to international exhibitions in Italy, Istanbul, China, Iran, and beyond.

These experiences helped to shape Lu’s innovative approach to UX/UI, a combination of sharp visual communication, meticulous problem-solving, and conceptual design. Yet as a lifelong learner, she sought even further growth. Following her MFA, she enhanced her skills at the UXUI and Digital Marketing Bootcamp at UC Berkeley Extension, readying herself for the vast expanse of opportunities that lay ahead.

As a designer at an agency, she refined her expertise in a diverse array of industries. Working with renowned brands such as CVS, Aetna, Xfinity, Comcast, and Hippo Insurance, Lu brought a unique perspective to every project. Her vision also extended to her freelance endeavors, creating impactful designs for online sites such as: nonprofit education website, dating app, omni merchant payment software UIs and more.

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Currently, as the Lead Brand and UX/UI Designer at Gong Cha, Lu not only guides a creative team but also shapes the brand’s identity through innovative design strategies. From interior space design to app development, she ensures that Gong Cha’s brand image resonates across all platforms. With her guidance, the team has earned international recognition, exhibiting their works in 14 exhibitions worldwide.

Despite her success, Lu recognizes the complexities of her field, stating, “In the digital age, technology advances rapidly, and consumer behavior changes swiftly. This necessitates a rapid learning of hard skills and collaboration within teams.” It is this belief, one of creating accessible digital products that consider user experience, functionality, and accessibility, that is an art and science in itself. And it is the hallmark that she consistently crafts for Gong Cha.

From her journey, Lu has distilled invaluable lessons. She acknowledges the crucial roles that collaboration and effective communication play in the design process. Emphasizing the importance of adaptability, she notes, “The design industry constantly evolves, with new technologies, trends, and user expectations emerging.” Moreover, she is a staunch advocate for user-centric design, acknowledging its role in creating successful digital experiences.

With a decade-long career brimming with accomplishments, Lu is nowhere near the end of her journey. Instead, her eyes are set on future goals, such as creating meaningful digital products for a global audience, fostering collaborations with diverse teams, and leveraging design to address societal challenges. Min Huei Lu’s story, characterized by innovation, resilience, and a deep-seated passion for her craft, offers a profound lesson: in order to transcend boundaries and redefine norms, one must not be afraid to venture beyond the known. In fact, one must be revolutionary.

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