Two-time James Beard Award-winning chef and founder of the Milk Bar bakery shop, Christina Tosi, has partnered with the  Caviar online food platform to create an exclusive Holiday Popcorn Cookie Cake, a decadent, holiday popcorn tin-inspired cookie cake that launches today for the holiday season.

A throwback mashup of Tosi’s holiday memories, the savory and sweet nostalgic holiday cookie cake combines cheddar, caramel and butter, and is garnished with popcorn.

Milk Bar

Christina Tosi (Courtesy Caviar)

“My mom was an accountant, and we would always get those big popcorn tins at Christmas,” Tosi, who grew up in the Midwest, tells L.A. Weekly. “That was the big prize.” If you’re not familiar with them, holiday popcorn tins are giant canisters adorned with holiday patterns, subdivided into thirds by a cardboard divider, and overflowing with three distinct flavors of popcorn: cheddar, caramel and butter. 

“I loved the spirit of exploration, discovering the cheddar popcorn, then finding magnificence in how toffee caramel can blanket a piece of popcorn that’s still soft and fluffy inside, and, of course, the classic smell of melted butter on popcorn. Combining those flavors in different ways unlocked something for me. The tins felt both opulent and endless in a way that was in the magic of the holidays, and it was never really the holidays without receiving that gift,” says Tosi.

The Holiday Popcorn Cookie Cake is available starting today through Friday, Jan. 20, exclusively on Caviar, for delivery and pickup at Milk Bar, in West Hollywood. Use promo code COOKIEMAGIC for a discount on your cookie cake order (or any Milk Bar order) with $10 off an order of $40 or more, valid through Tuesday, Jan. 31.

“It’s an innovative combo that’s a clear bedfellow to Milk Bar’s addictive combinations of sometimes unlikely ingredients,” Tosi says of the sliceable nostalgic cake. “We accept it as a given now, but it’s actually pretty risky to pair these three flavors — it’s not just salty butter and sweet caramel; it has this edgy addition of cheddar, as well. I like that spirit of rule breaking.”





























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