Mike Watt Finds his Missingmen in Long Beach: SoCal punk mainstay Mike Watt is best known for his work with the Minutemen and fIREHOSE, and later on with the reformed Stooges. He’s also a member of Flipper nowadays, but still finds time for his own projects such as the Missingmen. Hoop Jail, Spoon Benders, and Human Musik also play.

We wrote if Watt back in 2017 and said that the Missingmen’s name is a reference to the fact that, at one early Secondmen gig, neither of Watt’s other two bandmates was able to appear and he had to find fill-ins: Tom Watson and Raul Morales. Watt, never one to take a rest, has countless other projects on the go, too.

“There are three types of projects,” he said. “The ones where you tell people what to do — write the music and tell them how to play it. Then there are the ones where you join a band and are told what to do, such as J. Mascis & the Fog, or The Stooges. And then there are the collaborations. They’re all different and they’re all adventures. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Mike Watt Finds his Missingmen in Long Beach: The event takes place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 24 at Alex’s Bar.


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