Following an action-packed day in San Francisco in celebration of the 4/20 holiday, Mike Tyson was involved in an altercation in the process of heading out of town.

The whole thing started with what one might think is the stupidest idea possible, getting drunk and talking shit to Mike Tyson. In this case, it happened after he boarded a red-eye JetBlue flight from SFO to Florida. 

While you’ll see wall-to-wall coverage and memes for at least a news cycle, one thing to keep in mind is how chill Tyson seemed during the day. He spent it in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park promoting the latest incarnation of his efforts in the cannabis space, Tyson 2.0. Tyson would take the stage in the afternoon, in which during his speech to the crowd, he called for an end to the war on cannabis users and seemingly left the stage in good spirits. He later joined Cookies’ cofounder Berner on stage at 4:20 for the celebration. 

One thing Tyson proved time and time again at his booth is, he had no problem showing love to his fans. He signed numerous autographs for the people that purchased his newest cannabis line.

Eventually, he made his way to the airport. 

According to reports, when Tyson first boarded the plane, he was happy to trade greetings with folks, eventually getting to his seat in front of another passenger who was alleged to be intoxicated. After an initially friendly greeting, a verbal dispute ensued, then things got ugly. 

Tyson’s team told ESPN the passenger was harassing Tyson before he threw a water bottle at the Hall of Fame boxer as he sat in his seat. As the video released by TMZ would show, Tyson unloaded a few solid punches on the man. Tyson walked off the plane after throwing the punches.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) was called to the scene at the airport. SFPD updated the situation on Thursday night on Twitter, noting officers detained two people they believed were associated with the incident. 

The subject they believed was the victim of the incident received medical attention for non-life-threatening injuries. After receiving treatment, the individual refused to cooperate further with the police. 

“Both subjects were released under 849(b) of the CA Penal Code pending further investigation. We are aware of video that possibly captured the incident, which surfaced following the initial investigation,” SFPD said on Twitter. 

SFPD said that the video has been forwarded to the San Mateo County Sheriff.

Now the remaining questions. How drunk do you have to be to talk trash to Mike Tyson? There is a decent chunk of society that would place the idea of Tyson coming at you swinging high on their “worst-case scenarios” list. 

Next is, how high did Mike Tyson get in San Francisco?

While the whole concept may sound bad for your health, Tyson has been the target for 30 years of schemers and dreamers that would hope to cash in on him. He’s avoided financial ruin by not hitting everyone that talked trash. So you have to presume he has a hell of a 4/20.

Tyson also was once attacked by a cougar. In that instance the cougar fared better than the drunk guy.

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