As Mika Miko rolls toward the end of the year and their final shows, the noise-pop band has decided to add one more night onto their tenure at the Smell. Tomorrow night, the stripped-down (sorta) postpunkers will be joined b y Le Joshua, Mr. Wright and the El Salvadorian Band, and the charmingly named, Prs Hltn Mthrfckrs. Show is $10 and tickets are sold out for their last show on Jan 1st (hit up Craigslist, mthrfkrs). Here's the line up for Mika Miko's FInal week:

December 31st:

Mika Miko

Staring Problem

Ima Fucking Gymnist



January 1st: IS SOLD OUT

Mika Miko

Hello Astronaut Goodby Television

My Little Red Toe

OG Silver Daggers

Anyone who is familiar with the Smell should recognize Daniel, the “security” guy.

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