As part of our ongoing series about becoming a proper and successful criminal, we bring you another lesson in How Not to Do It.

In this episode we will focus on the case of suspected gangsters Miguel Ortiz, 33, and Sergio Maldonado, 25, who cops say kidnapped a guy in Lennox and forced him to drive them to … a strip club.

Where they remained!

The thing is, when you kidnap someone and release them, try not to stay in that spot.

According to an L.A. County Sheriff's statement, the duo was found right where they left off, at the Bare Elegance gentleman's club in Hawthorne.

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Cops say it all started just after midnight this morning when the victim, standing in front of his home near 107th Street and Inglewood Avenue in Lennox, was approached by the duo and kidnapped.

They didn't have a gun, apparently, but the guy was afraid because they appeared to be gang members (and it turns out they were, deputies say).

After forcing him to drive them to “several stops,” the suspects had the guy take them to that final destination, according to the statement.

Credit: One of the suspects via LASD

Credit: One of the suspects via LASD

When the victim summoned Hawthorne police, the smart guys were found right there. At the club. Allegedly.

Ortiz was arrested on suspicion of robbery and kidnapping, deputies say. His bail was set at $100,000, according to county jail inmate info.

Maldonado was booked on suspicion of a misdemeanor and, although his bail was $10,000, he remained jailed, according to inmate data.



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