Microbe Ninja™ Launches AquaCube™: Solving Difficulties Of Opening Plastic Bags In Grocery Stores

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Credit: AquaCube

Summary: Microbe Ninja™ releases AquaCube™, which helps everyday shoppers easily open plastic bags for produce, meat and bakery departments found in grocery stores in a cleaner, more efficient way.

DFI division company Microbe Ninja™ has released AquaCube™, their hands-free device that gently mists fingertips with water. Their invention helps customers open plastic bags found in various grocery store departments such as produce, meat and bakery. Through motion detection, AquaCube™ saves time and prevents frustration normal shoppers endure when using these bags. Customers have a pesky habit of licking or spitting on their fingers so they can grip the edges of plastic bags more easily. Not only is this an unsanitary practice that should be avoided, mask use further complicates this basic solution.

Additionally, in California where Microbe Ninja™ is based, legislation has called for biodegradable plastic bags that make it even harder to open bags because of their thinner design. Therefore, AquaCube™ is a simple, yet effective solution to avoid this struggle.

The AquaCube™ includes one container for holding the liquid and a charging base. One container of liquid can mist more than 500 fingertips before refilling is required. This device also has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can be used for several days before needing to be placed on its charging base.

“AquaCube™ is a novel platform that will allow companies to brand or promote in a unique way.” says Adam Zax, President.

Microbe Ninja™ offers special bulk pricing to the food and beverage industry. Microbe Ninja™ will customize the AquaCube™ display units to allow for in-store promotions and branding, allowing the companies to add their own branding materials. AquaCube™ can be covered with your company’s logo and QR codes for coupons or other eye-catching things shoppers may be interested in. AquaCube™ gives companies an inexpensive platform for in-store promotions, allowing the units to be provided to grocery stores. This is a very cost-effective opportunity compared to the typically more expensive in-store promotions already being used.

President Adam Zax concluded: “In the near future, we anticipate expanding with more food and beverage companies and other similar businesses. In addition, we are looking to grow our partnerships and customer base with leading professionals and firms in the in-store promotion and display industries. We are balancing our B2B experience with our desire to create simple and cost-effective solutions for our customers because we know that AquaCube™ can equally benefit both parties. Until those developments are made, I hope customers that have experienced the AquaCube™ are enjoying how it solves the biggest problem people have in grocery stores.”

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