The first lady landed quietly in Los Angeles this morning, avoiding another #ObamaTraffic nightmare with an early arrival at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. There to greet her were director J.J. Abrams — basking in “Super 8's” critically acclaimed opening weekend — and Katherine Fugate, creator of Lifetime series “Army Wives.”

Michelle Obama's trip to L.A. hinges on two prerogatives: 1) Reach out to real-life military families, and 2) Raise cash for her husband's 2012 campaign, which'll need a lot more than hip Shepard Fairey artwork to win over angry immigrants and the unemployed.

(And in the end, the former sort of plays into the latter. Because girls frustrated that their boys are still in Afghanistan — even after Bin Laden was supposedly buried at sea — will have their say at the ballot box as well.)

According to KPCC, panel members will discuss the “ways television and film can better reflect the reality of military families.” The army-wives theme will then continue at the Nickelodeon studios, reports the Times:

Later, Obama will film a guest appearance on “iCarly,” a Nickelodeon television show whose lead character is the daughter of a military officer serving oversees. It's part of her effort to bring attention to the families of American servicemen and women.

Aww. No word on whether Steven Spielberg apprentice J.J Abrams will follow through with an army-wife-themed project himself, but it'd certainly be in the military-drama tradition of his mentor.

Anyway, onto Michelle's lunchtime activities: The 500 guests at her Pasadena fundraiser will reportedly spend $1,000 per plate. Then, on top of that half-million, the first lady will rake in $10,000 for every starstruck couple who wishes to take a photo next to her highness. Oh, and it gets better: Organizer Lena Kennedy tells KPCC that the big-spenders will also receive an unspecified length of “private time” with Michelle.

Last but not least, Obama will take her dinner with more campaign contributors at another $1,000-ticket fundraiser in Bel Air tonight. Oh you fancy, huh!


LA Weekly