Michelle Barone’s Hot New Podcast: RED – Relevant, Entertaining, Dynamic

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Michelle Barone, founder of MBM, a full service marketing agency and the RED Podcast, is a radio and television personality, emcee, and leader in the marketing industry. She believes in delivering positive and entertaining content, and created her podcast to showcase the talents, skills, and abilities of enterprising influencers and content creators.

“Influencing and content creation are the future of the marketing industry,” she shares. “Some of the world’s most recognized and successful brands are actively looking for individuals to promote their products on social media.”

She created the RED Podcast to bring these individuals to light, and points to the fact that the industry truly is booming. The Digital Content Creation global market is estimated to hit $38.2 billion USD by 2030. This is fueled by constantly growing users on social media – a billion on TikTok, 2 billion on Instagram, nearly 3 billion on Facebook/Meta.

“It was once thought that social media was just a fad or a trend,” Barone states. “But now, Facebook/Meta is worth $245 billion, Instagram is worth $1.6 billion, TikTok is worth between $50-75 billion – these numbers don’t lie! Social media isn’t going anywhere. And content creation and influencing is here to stay as well. Amazon, MAC, Gucci, Louis Vuitton – some of the biggest brands in retail are partnering with content creators to show off their products. This is a growing industry and we’re excited to be part of it.”

Over the past 15 years, Barone has become one of the most sought-after hosts, emcees, and marketers in the New York area. Her engaging content and sparkling personality infuse every project she’s involved in. She hosts award shows, emcees packed houses of 10,000+ people, streams globally, and has the unique ability to connect with everyone under the sound of her voice. She’s a dynamic personality and delivers hot content in an upbeat way. Her engaging manner serves her well in her marketing company, MBM, as she forges personal relationships with clients and helps bring their products and services to the masses.

The Michelle Barone RED Podcast, with co-host Tyler Keeno, allows Michelle to truly be in her element. She’s interviewed celebrities, politicians and business owners, and turns her interviewing skills to content creators.. She draws them in, helping them to feel comfortable enough to share their stories and entertain listeners. With over 10 years in radio and over 18 years in marketing, Michelle is an expert in her fields. She understands creativity; her career began as a singer/songwriter, and she’s opened for notable artists across the US and Europe.

“RED is a platform to feature influencers and content creators – to showcase their talents, agendas, and game changing work,” Barone says. “Michelle Barone RED is a place where you can experience your favorite influencer or content creator in a different light. We have exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Barone has just launched a brand new website with updated features, allowing fans and listeners to connect with social media stars and share feedback. She also invites new potential guests to connect with Michelle Barone Media for a chance to be featured on RED. “We’re always looking for emerging talent, to learn their stories and give them a chance to build their brand,” Barone says. “Learn about viral videos, the latest trends, and pop culture from all around the world. We always have a great time – and always learn something new!”

Visit Michelle Barone’s website: www.michellebaroneonline.com

Or email: Michelle@michellebaronemedia.com

Instagram: @MichelleBaroneOnline

TikTok: @Michellebarone

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