A young woman from South Los Angeles was gunned down last night on a sidewalk near 87th Street and Denker Avenue.

Police responders found 24-year-old Michelle Lorraine Anderson lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to her head — yet mysteriously, nobody had seen the shooter, CBS LA reports.

A Twitter user named @CarmenBaltimore who was at the scene wrote, “somebdy called her and told her to come outside and then 2 mins later she dead.” Which would made Anderson's early death eerily similar to that of…

… 17-year-old Francisco Rodriguez, the celebrated soccer star from the Valley who was murdered in a similar ambush one week ago today.

Officer Richard French at LAPD media relations gives us last night's preliminary report from homicide detectives:

“At about 9:45 p.m. in the 1500 block of West 87th Street … [Anderson] left her home. She was supposed to be meeting a friend, and I guess as soon as she stepped outside, her mother heard two shots. Her mother came out and found her daughter lying at the location there with a gunshot wound.”

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Super early this morning, another L.A. Twitter user who was apparently related to Anderson wrote, “woke up to the worse call I could get right now, RIP to my sister/big cousin Michelle.”

As of last night, the LAPD had no suspects, seeing as Anderson's family hadn't gotten a glimpse of the shooter. Detectives were unaware of a motive, and didn't know if the shooting could be gang-related.

“A poor girl got killed on 87th and denker I'm looking at her right now ! Smfhhh!!!!!” said @CarmenBaltimore.

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