The LA Times reported yesterday that Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio has decided to part ways with The Langham. We caught up with the chef late this morning, just before he stepped into the kitchen at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, to get his thoughts on what transpired. “I want to go through the trials and the tribulations of doing it on my own. The Langham was more than supportive of giving me that, but at the end of the day it was just too easy. As far as location and concept, I don't have anything like that. My goal is to stay in L.A., and to be closer to the west side. West Hollywood, Santa Monica, I'm looking at all of those neighborhoods right now.”

A representative from The Langham, Elsa Schelin, informed us that the timing was ideal, as the dining room is beginning to undergo a full renovation. Voltaggio was a big part of developing that renovation and redevelopment, though he went on to add that the parting of ways was more than amicable for both sides.

“Nothing went down at the hotel, they were great. The concept and the restaurant design that we put together, they're moving forward with it. It's kind of like I'm about to get into a marriage and I got cold feet. My heart wasn't a hundred percent in it, but the next space is gonna be totally my brand and that's what I want. And they were cool with it. They said thanks for what you've done, and vice versa. I'm still representing the restaurant here in Aspen, and I'll be representing them up until July 17th.”

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