Update: Martinez's campaign says he has filed a police report and that the LAPD is investigating the threatening language in Trujillo's email.

In the contentious battle for the city's Eastside council seat, things took a turn for the strange over the weekend as a campaign consultant for incumbent L.A. city Councilman Jose Huizar was fired from the politician's team for sending out an email that used some violent imagery.

The blast to more than a dozen supporters boasted that challenger Rudy Martinez was about to get a “political bullet” in his forehead and “pee in his pants too” after the Los Angeles Times “breaks” a story he indicates it was preparing. Added: The piece came out Saturday.

The email states:

“I was treating him [Martinez] like I was a cat playing with a trapped mouse, well now he's going to be the dead rat he really is.”

Trujillo's Friday night email was indicating that the Times was about to follow up on could possibly be following up again on our first report about Martinez's improper possession of an LAPD badge several years ago.

Trujillo writes, “This is a game changer … Rudy will be exposed for lying to the LAPD, the L.A. press and from here on out — everything he says will not be believed.”

“He is a disgusting human being that needs to be sent back from the vile bag of tripe he emanated from.”

On Sunday night Trujillo confirmed to the Weekly that the email has ended his employment with Huizar's campaign, which is being run by veteran political hand Parke Skelton.

Trujillo runs a consultancy that has other clients.

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