Michael Reis – From Psychic to an Absolutely Incredibly Serious Business Consultant

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Michael Reis doesn’t do serious, but with success stories that range from getting companies from the abyss of $2.5 million debt in a couple of months to turning a Discord group into a money-making machine that nets the owner over $100,000 each month, his track record begs to differ.

As Michael Reis, an absolutely incredibly serious business consultant, explains, “There’s no fun in being serious all the time. I once negotiated against myself to get a $70,000 contract down to $69,420 because I thought it was funny.”

Reis has a knack for transforming every company he ends up with. However, before all this success, he was simply a stonemason’s son who wanted to do the best for his family. Seriously. He loves them. A lot. His dad worked 60-hour weeks. “My father told me, ‘I don’t have a retirement. I am going to die doing this. I will have to work for the rest of my life,” Reis shares. “I knew that the job broke him, and I was like, ‘That’s not going to fucking happen. I’m not going to let that be the future for my family.’”

Fueled by a burning passion to succeed in securing his family’s future, Reis did what anyone would — he became one of the most listened-to psychics in Pittsburgh.

“I convinced the entire city that I was psychic just by listening to people and telling them what they wanted to hear. We turned The Bubba Show from a mid-level show into one of the highest listened radio programs in the area,” says Reis. “I dedicated myself to learning how to do this better than anybody else in the industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a psychic. No one is. I was faking it. But still, I was faking it better than anybody else out there.”

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As Reis saw it, the people he was giving readings to were going to pay for them anyways. “People were going to pay for readings anyway,” explains Reis, “and I figured they might as well pay somebody that’s going to take care of their family instead of somebody that’s going to buy a fucking Lamborghini.”

The only thing he ever refused to do was take advantage of those looking to connect with the dead. He couldn’t stand the thought of taking advantage of a widow just trying to get her husband to say “I love you” one last time or a mother trying to contact their child who had passed on. He kept his readings focused on the future, telling people that their potential was limitless, that they really could find love, success, happiness, and advancement in their career or whatever their dream was.

But then, Michael Reis hit a stone wall. No matter how much he worked, he’d still earn less than he needed to take care of his family. Even if he worked 60-hour weeks, he’d only net around $270,000 a year. He wanted better than that. “That wasn’t going to give them the lifestyle they deserved for everything that they sacrificed for me.”

So, he gave up his psychic career. He transitioned into real estate, pharmaceuticals, and Kottio Consulting and Productions. Still, Reis points out that his psychic time taught him a few invaluable lessons.

“It taught me to approach any conversation with confidence. When you pretend to be a psychic, you can’t afford to sound like you’re wavering on something. This has come into effect with the consulting. My honesty and confidence led my business to the level of success it’s at right now,” says Reis. “I don’t bullshit people. I try to maintain the utmost confidence in what I’m able to do, what my team can do, and what we’re not. I have no problem saying, ‘This is what I can do for you,’ or ‘No, I can’t do that for you.’ If I don’t feel like I can help somebody, I don’t take them as a client.”

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