Little Feat

Sailin Shoes (Warner Bros.)

Michael Monroe Digs Sailin’ Shoes: Finnish rocker Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks / Demolition 23 / solo told us about his love for a Little Feat classic.

Little Feat Sailin Shoes

(Warner Bros.)

Michael Monroe: I’m sure most people agree that picking just one all time favorite album is a difficult task.

However, this album, Little Feat: Sailin’ Shoes, is one of the greatest of all time in my book.

Produced by Ted Templeman in 1972, who later produced all the best Van Halen albums.

I’ve heard all kinds of wild stories about Little Feat, especially about Lowell George, the legend.  But no matter what kind of substance abuse may, or may not have taken place during the making of this album, clearly the stars were aligned in the most perfect way because it’s a masterpiece. Magical, innovative, adventurous, fearless with free-flowing positive energy.

Top notch musicianship and skillfulness.  And the sounds…

Must’ve been so cool experimenting with the sounds, miking the drums in different ways etc.

Actually, the 2nd song, ”Cold, Cold, Cold” has some of the best drum sounds ever.

I still use it as one of my drum sound references in the mixing process of my current albums.

Enough said.  Just do yourself a favor and check this album out.

I’m pretty sure you’re gonna dig it!

Michael Monroe Digs Sailin Shoes: The reissue of Demolition 23’s self-titled album is out now.








































































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