If you're a public official involved in a sexting scandal, be sure to delete the pornographic material — before they catch you.

Unfortunately for LAX executive Michael Molina, his data dump happened after he lost his job. He resigned in the wake of a CBS2 report earlier this month outing his frisky digits. He allegedly texted on the city's dime, with an LAX-issue smartphone.

Shame. Not to worry, the sexts are safely in the ether, it seems:

After the Daily Breeze tried to get a hold of the texts, the paper discovered all but two had been deleted from the phone.

Alas, the paper has Public Records Act requests for “phone records, email messages, travel expenses and previous disciplinary action.”

Go DB.

Molina stepped down earlier this month as a top official at L.A. World Airports after CBS2 revealed the alleged sexting, a scandal that broke in the wake of former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner's own sexting controversy.

We can't blame him for 86ing the alleged virtual 69ing, however. That's embarrassing stuff. And, well, did it go to his wife? Or someone else?

If we as taxpayers are going to pay for this stuff, we might as well be entertained by it. We want our sexts back, Mr. Molina.


LA Weekly