Tabloids and gossip blogs had a field day with reports and pics of “Jacko at Wacko” last week, but all we could think of when we heard about — and then saw this video of — the King of Pop popping into our favorite Silver Lake chotchkee haven and art gallery — also known as Soap Plant/La Luz de Jesus — last week, was, what did he buy? Well, thanks to some sources inside the store, we've got the exclusive scoop and it's weirder than we might have imagined.

He purchased several books from the store's vast selection. Taschen tomes, non-fiction on China and architecture, the human body and soul music, and some children's books (of course). Interesting but not exactly shocking. Had the surgical mask-covered star seen the Pop Up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns they stock (which features a scary caricature of him and his baby “Blanket,”) his reaction might have been. Though the shop was given only 15 minutes notice to clear out customers before he entered, someone had the good sense to hide it before he came in. A vintage MJ pillow stayed on display, but he didn't notice it during the 2 hour private shopping spree.

The purchase de résistance was found in the adjacent gallery, where the shop's popular group show “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” is the current exhibit. Michael apparently had to have a sculpture called “Freudian Fortune Teller,” the work of local artist and La Luz fave Brian Poor (not so poor anymore). The old-timey looking piece, made from found objects had a recording device inside that spewed strange and offensive Sigmund Freud inspired psychosexual comments to those who fed it coins.

Sample “fortunes”:

'You want to kill your father and sleep with your mother.”

“You like the smell of dog poop.”

“You dream about going outside without your pants on.”

The piece's price was $7500, and despite Jackson's attempt at haggling for a

discount, he paid the full amount. Though the gallery's usual practice for

show purchases is to keep them up (with “sold” stickers) until the exhibit's

close, we hear they made an exception for Jackson. He took his Freudian

friend home right away, which surely made his Id very happy. He sure seemed

in a good mood while signing LPs for fans afterward.

Check out all the Everything But the Kitschen Sync art pieces at La

Luz through March 29. Those not in LA, can see the entire show here.

LA Weekly