Michael Jackson's doctor stopped giving the pop star CPR and delayed dialing 911 in order to collect drug vials in Jackson's residence as Jackson headed toward his demise last June, according to a witness account unearthed by the Associated Press.

Alberto Alvarez, Jackson's logistics director, gave that account to authorities, indicating that the doctor put hiding potential evidence ahead of saving the King of Pop's life that June morning at his Holmby Hills residence.

However, Murray's lawyer denies the allegations and says that Alvarez came up with the vial-hiding story only upon a second interview with police. The attorney stated that during his first interview with authorities Alvarez did not mention any such alleged wrongdoing.

Jackson's death was ruled a homicide, with the powerful sedative propofol cited by the coroner's office as a contributing factor. Experts say the drug should only be administered in medical facilities.

The Los Angeles Times had a source with a similar story. But in this account, the doctor administered CPR at the same time he allegedly collected vials and an an intravenous drip, putting the items in a bag and telling a security guard to hold on to it.

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