The King of Pop's personal items have found a new home thanks to the Queen-of-Pop-in-Waiting (at least until Madonna sends a cease-and-desist), Lady Gaga.

Last Sunday, Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills raised more than $5 million (with some of the proceeds benefiting charity) during its auction of Michael Jackson's costumes and other memorabilia from “The Collection of Tompkins & Bush: Michael Jackson.” Mother Monster and her acrylics snatched up 55 pieces worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“The 55 pieces I collected today will be archived & expertly cared for in the spirit & love of Michael Jackson, his bravery & fans worldwide,” the singer tweeted. Lady Gaga also tweeted a picture of her auction paddle numbered 462.

As we wrote last week, the auction was held in conjunction with the exhibit, the bulk of which was made up of designs by Michael Bush and his late partner Dennis Tompkins, who worked with the icon on and off stage for nearly 25 years, in addition to other collectibles Bush had purchased over the years.

“That jacket up there with the police badges was under my bed in Los Feliz for 20 years in a cardboard box,” Bush told the Weekly in a recent interview. “These clothes have so much power and energy in them. They all have their stories.”

Though the auction house hasn't divulged the details on Lady Gaga's winning bids, we're thinking the collection's priciest item — the above mentioned black gabardine military-style jacket with police badges, leather straps and buckles that the designers created for the Bad tour, and which sold for $240,000 — would look great on her the next time she emerges from a giant egg.

Some of the other items snatched up include a white, Swarovski-covered “Fantasy” glove made by Jackson's original designer Bill Whitten during the early '80s; Bush and Tompkin's white pearl dinner jacket, which Jackson wore to the 1991 Oscars with Madonna as his date; and a costume Jackson wore to the 1973 Oscars where he sang “Ben,” which, if you recall was a song about a pet rat.

And remember the white shirt he wore in the “Dirty Diana” video? Bush gave Jackson that shirt off his back when the originally planned costume wasn't cutting it. It made the video (and music history) — and we're assuming it had cost the designer nowhere near the $68,750 it was auctioned for Sunday.

Coincidentally, the auction house ran a concurrent exhibit, “Icons & Idols,” which included a white mesh dress worn by Gaga and black bouffant dress belonging to Madge (among other items). Imagine the cat fight over their belongings once those two croak.

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