The BET Awards' attempts at a Michael Jackson tribute at the Shrine Auditorium last night sure were weak, especially in comparison to the celebratory barrage of MJ music and visuals seen in Los Angeles' clubs over the weekend. We heard Peanutbutter Wolf's VJ tribute to the superstar at the Echoplex Thursday was touching and more comprehensive than even the TV news specials that ran the same day. Though we're sorry to have to missed it, lucky for us (and you) he's posted most of it on the Stones Throw website for all to enjoy.

From Hollywood's weekend warrior haps to more unexpected electronica gatherings -most notably the mega-rave Electric Daisy Carnival — Jackson's music was inescapable. If you were a DJ and you spun this past weekend, you played Michael or least referenced him. Okay we actually found a couple who didn't (see our Nightranger column this Thursday for the lowdown). In the meantime enjoy this clip of Peanut Butter Wolf VJing at the Echoplex and an awesome fan clip from the nose-bleed seats at EDC during the opening of Benny Benassi's late set (actually better than being close, as it provides a full view of the massive crowd and rides).

The dance floor homage was absolutely called for this weekend, but have LA DJs beat it to death already? Time (and this week's club events) will tell…

Peanut Butter Wolf at the Echoplex

Benny Benassi

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