Michael David, the former executive chef of Comme Ça, is officially taking his talents to the streets. Initially, David was guest chef for the launch of meatball truck Great Balls On Tires, creating their “inaugural ball.” But now he is stepping in full-time as the truck's corporate chef. The newly executed menu was on display for the first time this past weekend at the OC Foodie Fest.

So why, two months later, has he decided to take the plunge? The answer, it seems, has to do with what's coming next. “There's a larger picture in the works,” said David, “and we're thinking beyond the truck. And while I can't quite announce it yet, there's gonna be something.”

As for the truck itself, the changes won't be apparent until you actually receive your food. “The names of the dishes are the same, but the execution is completely different. I'm taking it up, increasing the level of execution so that there's much more flavor development,” said David. “Each of the balls themselves, everything is different. The sauces, the garnishes, but it reads the same.”

Michael David was in the truck for the OC Foodie Fest, but that won't be necessary in the future, as all of the balls and sauces will be prepared in advance, in a stable kitchen. “My presence on the truck wouldn't make it any better or worse. Everything to make the textures, the flavors, the meat, that's me. And the guys on the truck, they put it on the plate.”

All together, it sounds like the chef is moving on to some new and exciting ventures, even if he isn't ready to announce anything at this juncture. “I'm getting into a diversified phase of my career. Rather than locking into one thing, [I'm] being more multi-dimensional. It keeps it more interesting for me.”

For up-to-date information, Great Balls On Tires can be followed, of course, on Twitter.

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