MexiKosher: Interior

You won't find traditional pork carnitas at MexiKosher, the newest eatery to debut along L.A.'s booming “kosher corridor.” Opened last month during the 4th of July weekend, MexiKosher, which keeps Kehilla Kosher, claims it's the first Mexican kosher restaurant in all of Los Angeles. The menu runs to Mexican culinary staples like tacos, burritos and nachos, but don't even dream of ordering pork (or camel or hyrax or hare).

MexiKosher: Interior

A few more “don'ts”: Don't show up on Saturday (MexiKosher will be closed for shabbos). Don't expect cheese on your carne asada. Don't order a shrimp burrito.

A few “dos”: MexiKosher offers charbroiled chicken, grilled steak, lamb, beef, schnitzel, Baja-style fish, beans and guacamole. “Weissitos” means chipotle hot wings. “ChimiKagan” means chimichanga.

MexiKosher: 8832 W Pico Blvd., LA. (310) 271-0900,

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