Oh will the ironies ever cease? Mexico has turned up its nose at the United States' sudden infatuation with medical marijuana — what with New Jersey and possibly even New York approving the drug for medicinal purposes.

The administration of Mexican President Felipe Calderon apparently feels that its freer use in places like California — which will vote on full legalization of pot in November — doesn't help his nation's increasingly bloody drug war. We pull as the drug lords there push, leaving victims in their wake, he seems to be saying. Well EXCUUUSE us! We have a little news for Senor Calderon:

Mexico invented marijuana! (Well, not really, but almost). If it weren't for pot, American teens everywhere would not know how to pronounce the Spanish “j” as an “h.”

If it were originally sourced in the United States it would be called, like, Steve-a-juana or Smith's Fine Smoking Weed, and one or two East Coast families would have controlled its cultivation since prohibition. We'd have added it to everything like we do with corn syrup. Congress would heavily subsidize it. And instead of an obesity epidemic we've have a stupidity epidemic (which, some of you might argue, we do anyway). The nerve of Mexico.

“It is inevitable that if this [full legalization] occurs in California, a neighboring state that is so important to us, that there will be repercussions here,” says Mexican pundit Lorenzo Meyer Cossio, according to the Miami Herald.

However, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, following a visit to Mexico earlier this week, stated that there's no evidence indicating that the legalization of medical marijuana in several U.S. states has increased demand for Mexican pot.

” .. We do not see this as a major contributor to the continuing flow of marijuana, the vast, vast majority of which is used for recreational purposes,” Clinton is quoted by the Herald as saying.

Stephen Gutwillig, California director of the pro-pot Drug Policy Alliance, told the paper that as marijuana becomes more legal in the U.S., it will actually put drug lords out of business: “Any sort of authorized regulated market for marijuana in the United States cannot be good for the bottom line of criminal cartels,” he said.

Smoke on that, Mexico.

LA Weekly